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An enlisted member of the Navy Medical Corps trained in field medical aid. (During WWII they were Pharmacist Mates.) They usually wear Marine Corps uniforms with Navy rank and insignia. Until they are promoted to Chief Petty Officer they wear subdued insignia of rank on the right collar of field uniforms and a shield with a Caduceus on the left collar. On service uniforms they wear their rank insignia on the left arm only. Their rank structure is: * HR – Hospital Recruit (E-1) * HA – Hospital Apprentice (E-2) * HN – Hospitalman (E-3) * HM3 – Hospital Corpsman Third Class (E-4) * HM2 – Hospital Corpsman Second Class (E-5) * HM1 – Hospital Corpsman First Class (E-6) * HMC – Chief Hospital Corpsman (E-7) * HMCS – Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman (E-8) * HMCM – Master Chief Hospital Corpsman (E-9) (see Doc.)

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  • HN Nelson

    Hospital Corpsmen are not actually part of the Medical Corps, the Medical Corps has doctors only. Chief Hospital Corpsmen do not actually wear a Caduceus on the left collar, the wear identical collar devices on both sides. Hospital Corpsman below the rank of E-7 wear a Caduceus on the left collar of camoflauge unifomrs excluding the New Working Uniform (NWU) and the Naval Service Uniform (NSU), on which two rank device are worn.

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