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Eagle, Globe and Anchor

The emblem of the United States Marine Corps adopted in 1868 under Brigadier General Commandant Jacob Zeilen following the Civil War. Prior to that, the Marines wore the Army infantry horn with a red field in the center and the letter “M” in Old English script.

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No such thing. Once a Marine, always a Marine. (see Former Marine.)

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End of Active Service.

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Eat the Apple, Fuck the Corps

A phrase used by Marines to express their displeasure with the Marine Corps. Usually mouthed by someone about to leave the Corps or by a Marine who has endured a perceived injustice.

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Eye Fuck

To look or stare, usually in a curious manner.

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(Commtalk) The letter “E”.

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(see Double Easy-8).

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An abbreviation for Eagle, Globe and Anchor. Generally not used.

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El Espanol

The hotel in the Dominican Republic that was headquarters for the 6th Regimental Landing Team (including BLT 3/6) in 1965.

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El Presidente

Dominican Republic beer in 1965, when the Marines landed there. (origin) Dominican Republic

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Elliott, George

Tenth Commandant of the Marine Corps. Born in Alabama on Nov. 30, 1856, he died on Nov. 4, 1931. Appointed Brigadier General Commandant to replace Major General Commandant Heywood. The law was changed on May 13, 1908 establishing the position of Major General Commandant to which he was promoted.

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Embassy Marine

Officially a Marine Security Guard (MSG). A Marine assigned to a State Department billet, usually at a United States embassy overseas.

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The act of joining the military services by individuals who are not Warrant or Commissioned Officers.

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Enlisted Marine

Marines in the rank of private, private first class and lance corporal. Although sergeants are also enlisted, they are categorized as NCOs.

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Enemy Prisoner of War.

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Essential Subjects Training.

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Entrenching tool. A small folding shovel with a multitude of field uses. (background) In World War I it was one of a series of tools shared among a squad and used to dig the trenches in which the majority of the war was fought. The early versions did not fold up and had a “T” handle.

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(see Marine Corps Exchange.)

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