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see Quonset Hut.

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Quad 50s

An anti-aircraft weapon employed by the Army. The Geneva Convention limits anti-personnel weapons to 30 caliber, so these four 50 caliber rifles could only be used on aircraft and other equipment. R-i-i-ght! (origin) Vietnam

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Marine Corps Base south of Washington, DC. The home of Marine Corps University and most training for commissioned officers. Also headquarters of the Marine Corps Association and Leatherneck magazine.

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The location of the Officer of the Deck aboard ship. The ceremonial seat of authority in any shore-based unit. Where one goes to report in to a new command. A section of the recruit squad bay set aside for physical punishment of errant recruits–usually involving PT.

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To be taken to the quarterdeck for Incentive Training by the drill instructor. Outside, it is called Pitting,

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The second ranking enlisted grade in the Marine Corps during the Civil War. Not presently used.

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A four-pointed decoration on the top of a warrant or commissioned officer”s dress and service caps. Tradition says the design was first used on sailing ships so Marine sharpshooters in the rigging did not shoot their own officers on the deck.

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Quick Time

The normal pace in marching, approximately 120 steps per minute.

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Quonset Hut

A temporary building created in 1941 by Peter Dejongh and Otto Brandenburger and manufactured for the Navy at their facility in Quonset, RI. The ubiquitous buildings were little more than semi-circular steel ribs with corrugated sheet metal attached to them. They were used for everything from troop quarters to supply sheds to airplane hangars. For many years, both Marine Corps Recruit Depots at Parris Island, SC and San Diego, CA used them until more permanent structures could be built. Many Old Corps Marines were trained in quonset huts.

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