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Recruit Rights

Recruits Rights. The following rights are fundamental to the welfare of all recruits and will not be denied:
1 Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, except under certain conditions
2 One hour of free time daily, except during processing, forming, and weapons and
field/combat training, and the Crucible Event.
3 20 minutes to consume each meal.
4 Attend sick call.
5 Attend scheduled religious services.
6 Request mast via the chain-of-command.
7 Make and receive emergency phone calls.
8 Receive mail on the day it is received by the parent company
except for Sundays, holidays, and during the Crucible Event.
9 Send mail.
10 Make head calls.
11 Use medication prescribed by a certified military medical
12 Receive visitors in accordance with Depot Standard Operating
Procedures (SOPs). The Depot CGs will establish when, where, and under what
circumstances recruits may receive visitors. The SOP will give special
consideration for recruits in Medical Rehabilitation Platoon who have
demonstrated the appropriate level of maturity to have visitors on Sunday. The
right to receive visitors as specified in the Depot SOPs will not be subject to
additional limitations by the DIs.

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